- Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs

- Rollers Repair / Replace

- Springs Adjustment

- Springs Maintenance

- Snapped Cable Repair

- Spring / Cable Installation

- Garage Door Extension Springs

And Much more …..


Adjusting the garage door springs in case of malfunction is just troublesome, especially if you are not familiar with the parts and with the process involved in doing the necessary adjustment. The garage door spring may be loose or tight and it must be adjusted accordingly, so it will not fall or it will close and open accordingly. However, even if this is just a less troublesome idea, it is not always simple to do the task well and that can be very risky. If the adjustment made is just too little, the garage door may slam down and if it will be adjusted very tight, it may suddenly open and both instances may cause fatality.

A DIY in this case is not advisable, unless you have done this a lot of times already. You will need help from an expert garage door repair.  The mistake that you will commit may be risky and a lot of garage door firms will guarantee that their work will be of the highest type and will give you warranty on various parts. Regardless of how many times you open the garage door, you can even go a lifetime without realizing that the garage door can be very risky to you and to the whole family.